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FS: Guild JF-65e (WOW)


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  • FS: Guild JF-65e (WOW)

    Hi all,

    I've been viewing Harmony Central for 15 years, but I havn't used the forum much. Glad to be around, and please excuse my second post being an advertisement.

    Up for sale is an immaculate and rare 1997 Guild JF-65e Acoustic made in the Westerly, RI factory. This guitar is the 6-string version of the JF-65-12, or the "F412". If you are an avid Guild fan, you would already know that the Westerly factory is arguably the best factory for these acoustics. What makes this guitar rare is the fact that it's not the 12 string (90\%+ of JF-65 models are) and it has factory-installed wiring. You won't find this exact model anywhere else.

    The JF-65 has solid flame maple sides, an arched flame maple back, and select AAA spruce top with an abalone rosette around the sound hole. The ebony fretboard is inlaid with mother of pearl blocks with abalone insets and it's complemented with an ebony bridge. The JF65 is the definition of a beautiful guitar - and it's available in Guild's nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

    Essentially, this is the best maple jumbo that Guild has released from their most favored factory.

    Imperfections or issues? None. The case is even in phenomenal condition like the guitar itself.

    It was inspected by master luthier Dave Boehlke of Boise, ID. There is not single flaw in the neck, action, or finish. Everything is razor flat. I upgraded to bone bridge pins, but still have the factory micarta pins if desired. It's freshly strung with Elixir Medium Phosphor bronze strings. There are no scratches, or scuffs in the guitar. Expect a brand new guitar.

    The guitar is factory-wired (passive), so you can plug it into a DI box and be ready to hit the stage live. Again, I believe that this is very rare.

    I have been a Guild collector for the past several years, and it's now time to thin the herd due to a down payment for a house. I'm sad to see this one go, but it has obviously lived almost all of its life cased up in the closet with hardly any play. It sounds phenomenal, but I have many other Guilds to play. I've yet to see the same model.

    This will even ship in a Guild box.





    I have MANY references available.

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    It seems that I have not listed a price--my bad! I am looking to get $1700+ shipping for this, and not a penny less.

    Since it wasn't mentioned specifically, the case is the OHC, in immaculate condition. The Guild box that it will ship it is even in outstanding condition.




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      That guitar looks AMAZING!  If not here, someone from the Guild forums is going to notice this and repost there.  I once had a Hoboken D40 and listed it on Craigslist for 2 weeks with nothing and then boom, 3 inquiries in the morning from out of state people begging me to sell to them.  The ad was pulled down that afternoon because it sold for $100 more than my asking price.  But those were the days.....


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    Hi fendersrule - I suspect your Guild JF-65e was sold long ago, but I thought I would reach out to you and see if you could tell me who bought it because PERHAPS they might want to sell it, OR perhaps you or they might know of another pristine Westerly JF-65e for sale. Many thanks.


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      Is this sold?