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Sold FS Guild GAD50 Dread Sitka/EIR all solid woods, $395...Now $325


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  • Sold FS Guild GAD50 Dread Sitka/EIR all solid woods, $395...Now $325

    Hi, A GAD50 GUILD.  Here is a nice guitar at a beater price.  As the pics indicate, the guitar is in good shape.  It has a surface crack which does not go through the wood, located beneath the bridge (see pic).  It is marked "used" (see pic).  Sounds to good to be true for $395 and $35 shipping within the lower 48.  Includes a hard case, which is not pretty, but completely serviceable.  Two day tryout, ship back if unsatisfied for full refund minus out of pocket shipping.  I trade on the AGF, and UMGF forums frequently, see my posts and comments of folks I have dealt with.  Will take paypal, and any other means of pmt. if you are a regular on the forum. 

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    Thank you for the offer but I decided to keep the guitar, I am selling my eastman instead.


    BTW I owned a GAD50 a few years ago and thought it was a great guitar. The BR is a bit more responsive and louder but i dont think it is a significant differance- plus the GAS looked alot nicer.


    good luck.


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    New year bump please.