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Marshall 1959 from '85


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  • Marshall 1959 from '85

    Can send picts, would also take trades of any sort of Fender that is either from the RI series or a real BF/SF/tweed Champ.

    No clones, home-brews, or Marshalls in a Fender box.
    Marshall '85 1959.
    Fender '66 Bandmaster, '66 V-champ stock, '76 V-champ Tweeded, '05 Ash Telecaster, '99 A. Strat-Fat 50s.
    Gibson Explorer '01-Burstbuckers.
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    I have a new in the unopened box Epiphone Valve Jr. amp head for sale.
    This is a a great sounding (and surprisingly loud) little single ended 5 watt ( one EL-84) tube amp. This has got to be the best deal on an amp ever if you don't need gut rattling loud or multiple channels.

    I'm asking $75.00 plus shipping.
    It weighs 22 lbs. and the box is 18 x 16 x 15. it will be coming from zip code 89502 if you want to calculate postage. I think DHL may be the cheapest way to ship.

    email me, if you're interested. sonny AT nanomations DOT org
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    WTF is wrong with you? That's like saying "I'd love skiing if it weren't for all the snow and mountains"

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