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Ampeg VT-60. All-tube, 3-channel combo amp, $300!

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  • Ampeg VT-60. All-tube, 3-channel combo amp, $300!

    Three-channel all-tube combo amp, very rare at this point. Only $300 plus shipping.

    5 preamp tubes, 2 6L6 power tubes, presence knob in back w/ hi/low damper switch. Triode/pentode power switch (works great!). Multiple speaker outs covering a wide variety of ohms out. Test points fer tubes, 3 position ground switch (very effective).

    Footswitch is included. No, I will not sell the footswitch separately - I know they're very difficult to find, but the VT60 is a pain without the footswitch. Pics included are not my amp, but here's what it looks like. Mine is in excellent condition, just a little wear and tear. This is a great all-tube combo amp for the price. E-mail me if you're interested at quirkjames@gmail.com. PayPal only please.


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    how gainy does it get? and how's the cleans? I hear good things about ampeg cleans
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      Originally posted by FWAxeIbanez
      how gainy does it get? and how's the cleans? I hear good things about ampeg cleans

      Sorry for the delayed response. It gets quite gainy - think Metallica's Black Album tone. The clean is where the amp shines though. It's like a Fender Twin, but better, a bit more glassy and with better note definition. Also has a much clearer bottom end.