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For Sale or trade Pair ALNICO 12" speakers

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  • For Sale or trade Pair ALNICO 12" speakers


    I have a pair of 12" 16-Ohm alnico speakers. I do not know the manufacturer, as there is nothing whatsoever by way of label on these, although there are a couple of numbers if you are a numbers freak. But boy, do they have a sweet, warm sound to them. Fabulous clean or slightly pushed, these are the best sounding drivers I have ever heard. No wonder guys go after them for cleans, jazz or blues, although they will bottom out pretty nastily if you get stupid with them. I would assume that, like most alnicos, they are about 20 watts apiece, but they play pretty loud.

    So why am I getting rid of them? Well, I need to raise the cash for a 12" bass guitar driver as I have a serious jones to build a folded horn bass cab, and I already have a Vintage 30 for guitar, which is too good for me coz I can't play much gittar anyhow. Can't play much bass either, come to that. I guess I'm pretty much useless all round.

    Anyhow, you can own these for 60 bucks for the pair and I'll throw in the shipping in the continental US for free.


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    what are you in the market to trade for?
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      Sorry for delay. Been super-busy.
      This looks a particularly awesome deal at 65 bucks. I could use one of these, or at least something with similar specs, although the 500 watts is something of an overkill.


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        Actually, something like would do. At less than 30 bucks, you can have it drop-shipped to my house so you only have to pay one shipping amount.


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          So you're cool with a cash sale right? I'll take them if so..