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Sell me your tube head for $550


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    Could I please get photos of the Mesa, Laney, Carvins, Krank and Trace Elliot?" rel="nofollow">


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      So many options. What to do? Trying to figure what you give me the best heavy tone and have enough power.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      I would look into the Bugera......They seem to be good amps,especially for the money....YOutube them,there are people that have sound clips up,they quality isnt great,but you can het a good idea........The 333 for $ just got a new head or I would have considered one....still am just to have another to tinker with....


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        Thinking about the Carvin, Laney, and Mesa.

        Thanks for the replies.

        No super High Gain out there for Modern Metal?

        IMO, your best bet is a 5150. I LOVE mine and would never sell it. I enjoy playing it as much as other amps in my sig that cost 3x as much.
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          New Bugera 333 head still available. $400


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            I have a peavey triple x with fairly new JJ's and a cosmetic mod (mesa face plate). I'd sell it for 525$ shipped


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              I would consider a 5150 II/6505 + if someone had one.

              Pm Sent Re: Trace Elliot and XXX

              Pass on: Mesa Marshall, Krank

              Still thinking about others


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                Check Ur Messages.


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                  Dude, buy the Carvin 100xB. I had one of them for a while, and sort of regret selling it. It has an AWESOME range for the price. From clean to crunch with a really good reverb actually. I wanted a smaller amp, I am down to a Blues Jr and Tiny Terror, but if I still had a need for 100watts for the cheapest price, I would get that Carvin. I dont know whos it is either, Im not doing this for someone as a favor, I just really like those amps.
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                    sorry to hijack. id like a 5150 or xxx. my limit is 700


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                      sorry to hijack. id like a 5150 or xxx. my limit is 700

                      it's cool as long I get first dibs.


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                        I sent you an e-mail with pictures of the laney. Did you receive it?
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                            Anyone here interested in this?

                            Ashdown Fallen Angel 60H - all tube, no digital crap! Huge bass, ROCKS.

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                              nice Asssssh . . .