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Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK I w/MSM-1 Midi Module & F/S


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  • Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK I w/MSM-1 Midi Module & F/S

    For Sale: Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKI Head, 6L6 Version with MSM-1 Midi Module and H&K Footswitch.If your looking at this you probably know what it is and what they can do. Triamp has (6) Channels, Reverb, Red Box DI Out, FX Loop, Midi control. Sounds amazing. Price is firm. I have the original H&K Triamp Footswitch as well and all functions as it should. My Dream amp, Just can't afford it. $1125.00 Shipped and Paypalled in CONUS. PM Me. Thanks!

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      Hump De Bump


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        Whats the difference in the I and II? I love the II's. I am looking for an amp right now!
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          the mk1's don't have the same reliability issues that the mkII's have. i've heard horror stories of the mk2's breaking down constantly. i've got a mk1 and love it


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            still for sale?
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              Jsx? Love the TriAmps
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