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FS: Weber Headphone Tap and Dummy Load


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  • FS: Weber Headphone Tap and Dummy Load

    FS: Weber Headphone Tap And Dummy Load - 50 Watts - $40 shipped

    More information is available here:

    This device allows you to plug a tube amplifier (up to 50 watts) into it and monitor the signal through headphones, and/or functions as a dummy load for the amp for silent operation (which is what I was planning on using it for; recording the amp's line out into my DAW with impulses -- with the Weber in dummy load mode so that the head could be turned on without being connected to a cabinet). However, before I even had a chance to use it, I ended up selling my amp, so this is essentially brand new and has never even been plugged into. It was built less than a month ago.

    Please note that if the switch is not set in dummy load mode (ie: the switch is flipped upwards), you MUST connect a cabinet to the "to speaker" jack on the Weber, or you risk damaging your amp.

    Here's your chance to get one of these in perfect condition for cheap, and without having to wait for Weber Speakers to build one for you.

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    I'll take it, what is your paypal address?
    BRADSHAW RSB-18 for control.
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