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Music Man HD-212, 150 watt 2x12 combo Dallas/Ft.Worth only


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  • Music Man HD-212, 150 watt 2x12 combo Dallas/Ft.Worth only

    *price dropped* $400

    a Music Man HD-212 combo amplifier. Basically a Fender Twin on steroids, I hear they're prized by blues and country players especially. This amp belongs on stage, not in a bedroom, so I'm selling it.

    Open back combo amp with two 12" speakers. One-hundred and fifty watts of clean, clear, TUBE power. This is a hybrid amp - it has a solid-state preamp section driving the tube power amp with four 6L6GC tubes. The preamp section uses the same 4558 opamps as tubescreamers, so it will get some TS type saturation as the gain is turned up past 6 or so. But really, this amp is all about loud and clean.

    Classic Fender Twin type layout: a "normal" channel, and a "reverb" channel, both with two inputs, volume, bass, mid, treble. There's a "bright" switch on both channels. Of course a reverb control on the reverb channel as well as a 4-stage optoelectronic phaser ("phasor") - a feature unique to these amps. There's a "deep" switch for the power amp. The amp has casters and is in good/fair condition cosmetically. Some rusting on the amp corners, some minor cuts/scuffs in the tolex, but overall in good shape.

    It's had a few minor repairs, but there's been no attempt to "mod" or hot rod the amp, just items replaced to keep it going. One speaker has been replaced, the reverb pan was replaced, and the silver grille cloth was replaced with black grille cloth. The oversize "MM" logo was removed and lost. This amp could probably use some new tubes and power supply capacitors, but it works great as is, with just a minor amount of AC hum. The amp is 100% functional - pots work without scratching or dead spots. Reverb and phaser work. A non-original but functioning footswitch is included in the sale.


    Local sale only, please - Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I'm located in Richardson. PM if you have any questions. Thanks.
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    Bump...This is a good price for an American-made, stage ready, pro quality tube amplifier. Did I mention it takes pedals well? I'll consider offers or a trade for a Peavy Classic 30. Thanks.
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      Price dropped to $400 cash, that's my absolute bottom dollar.

      I'd prefer to sell this locally, but if you're seriously interested in this, PM me to discuss shipping it. I'll have to charge some extra $$ to build a wooden crate for it, no way I'm shipping something this heavy in a cardboard box.
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