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FS: Peavey Prowler 1x12 Combo


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  • FS: Peavey Prowler 1x12 Combo

    For sale: Peavey Prowler 1x12 Combo amp.

    Specs: 45 watts; all-tube (2x6L6GC, 3x12AX7); 2 channel (Clean & Lead) with gain & volume boost on the Lead channel; Active EQ on the Lead channel; effects loop; spring reverb; resonance switch (tight or loose); external speaker jack (8 ohm); fixed bias; two-button footswitch. I upgraded the internal speaker from a Peavey Blue Marvel to a Peavey Sheffield 1230. I retubed the amp earlier this year and will include the old tubes for a backup. It has been lightly used and is in great physical and mechanical condition.

    This amp was made in the USA in 1998. It's part of the Peavey Ultra family of amps (the little brother of the Ultra 112) which became the Triple X, JSX and 3120 amps. The clean channel is outstanding and takes distortion and overdrive pedals very well. I've used it with a Vox Satchurator pedal for awhile now with great results. The gain channel will do classic rock up to heavy metal. The gain switch makes it a virtual 3 channel amp and that was my preferred way of using it.

    I will take $325 for it via PayPal. Shipping cost will be estimated via Fed Ex webpage using Fed Ex ground for delivery. Buyer pays PayPal fee if using a credit card.

    If interested, email me at: