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  • Fender Champ 25 SE

    Early 90's Champ 25 SE. This is a nice, wide body combo with a 12" Fender Blue Label speaker and 25 watts of tube power (2x6L6). It is a hybrid amp, so the preamp is solid state. 2 channels, line out, headphone jack, effects loop, etc. Really a killer made in USA combo amp. The lead channel is voiced for the era (90's metal) but if you back off the gain, you can get some nice overdriven blackface tone. The clean channel is excellent and really makes the amp shine- I've heard it described as a "mini-twin".
    Some wear but overall very nice shape- probably mostly home use (I have used it for recording at home). No footswitch but they are easy to find. 275.00 shipped.