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Perfect Condition Mesa Lonestar Classic HEAD with Live-In Case (optional)


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  • Perfect Condition Mesa Lonestar Classic HEAD with Live-In Case (optional)

    A 2008 model, in brand new condition. Flawless. Has JJ KT77's and a new EH rectifier tube. Just had all the resistors upgraded as well. Will also include a set of Mesa 6L6's.

    Has had the bias mod installed by a professional amp tech.

    Includes padded cover, footswitch, cable and manual.

    Love this amp, but the DR. Z bug just bit me.

    Also have a BRAND NEW (I literally just took it out of the box) Brady Cases Live-In case for it. 3/8" ply, 1" foam. This is the best case money can buy. I'll throw that in for an extra $300.

    $1200 without the case, $1500 with it. Buy pays PP fees or chooses gift option.

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      so wait... you're charging an extra $300 for a case that's $274.99 or best offer new from brady cases on ebay?? although you say it just came out of the box, it's still 2nd hand and preowned now.

      just saying some people may be more apt to buy the set if you went lower on the case cost.
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