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Orange 40th Anniversary OR50 Head

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  • Orange 40th Anniversary OR50 Head

    It's with a heavy heart I list this beauty. I had my truck break down last week, my business van was robbed outside my home for thousands of dollars in tools and materials... and today my A/C unit on my house exploded. So this unit is priced to sell, but the price is firm. NO TRADES

    Excellent condition. All retubed, serviced and ready to go. Comes with the Orange footswitch. Just beautiful.

    $1200 Shipped/Paypal gift.

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    I am a mixture of things.

    Sad for your need to sell.

    Sad for my own brokeness.

    Completely floored by that price.

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      Yes, the price is the BEST I can do. Lots of interest as well. Hopefully I can get it sold. I will want another as soon as I get out of this pinch.
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