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FT: Mesa Boogie Maverick 1x12 Combo

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  • FT: Mesa Boogie Maverick 1x12 Combo

    I am located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    I have a Mesa Maverick that I am looking to trade because I need something a little more high gain. This thing sounds beautiful, both straight clean and overdriven and sounds good with my TS9 pedal as a boost. Everything works as it should, it just has some road wear and could stand to be cleaned up a bit, as well as needing a new carry handle.

    This is the 1x12 combo setup with reverb, adjustable bright on rhythm channel, adjustable rectifier from solid state to class A, etc..

    My only musts are tube and capable of high gain. I will take head or combos, don't care as I get miced anywhere I go anyway. My higher gain head is broken and need something in its place, ASAP.
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