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Divided by 13 ERT-33 w/ matching 2x12 cab and anvil roadcases

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  • Divided by 13 ERT-33 w/ matching 2x12 cab and anvil roadcases

    Divided by 13 ERT-33 in orange and creme tolex with matching 2x12 cab and anvil road cases. I'm sure most of you looking know, but for the uninitiated, this amp is rarely seen for sale and was the precursor to the current RSA-31. They are both EL-84 Super Vox/Matchless C-30 style amps. The most easily recognized difference is the presence of a spring reverb unit in the ERT-33. It is also voiced differently, I prefer the ERT-33 by a fair margin. This amp was only produced for a few years in small quantities and I can't imagine many exist. The head was just retubed with NOS GE's I believe. Might be a Mullard or Telefunken in a slot or two. The head is in excellent shape, but has a few blemishes in the metal handle, nothing serious. This thing was used a lot, but you can't tell. The tolex is perfect. The cabinet is also something special. One speaker is a Celestion Gold Alnico, which is an upgraded Blue basically, and the other is an Austin Speaker Works KTS-60 which is a "boutique Celestion G12H-30" more or less. The cab has both open and closed back panels, both are included, has an available input for both speakers and has the ability to wire it up in several configurations. Without a doubt, this is the best EL-84 amp I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot. One of, if not the best amp I've ever heard period. Also included are anvil road cases for both the head and cab. They do an excellent job of protecting the amp from the rigors of the road. It breaks my heart to sell it, but I have other priorities at the moment. I have not seen one of these for sale in a very long time and especially one with the cases, speakers and tube trimmings this one has, so the price is a shot in the dark. $3000 takes it all and I would certainly prefer a local NYC area sale. Pics available upon request.

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    Also have a 2000 PRS Singlecut for sale - $1000


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      Nice. Was looking for one a few days ago, but just made a deal on a Kingsley D30C. Next time.

      Good luck,



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        Price drop, $2750 takes all. Would also be willing to deliver the items a reasonable distance. Tri-state area, East Pennsylvania, maybe even Deleware, Maryland and Mass. Drop me a line and perhaps we can work something out.


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          Bump/Any offers?


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            One more bump before I throw her to the dogs of eBay.