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WTT: 1991 BOOGIE Mark 1 for British-Style Head


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  • WTT: 1991 BOOGIE Mark 1 for British-Style Head

    Anybody living IN or Near the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a Mesa Boogie 100watt Mark 1 Re-Issue Combo for trade

    (no EQ, Spring Reverb tube circuit, has FX loop, 1-12" celestion, 2 inputs, and a Tweed switch for different power tubes).

    I am willing to trade for a British Vox AC30, a 50 or 100 watt Marshall/bootek clone head, or a Hiwatt clone.
    2004 Fender Lite Ash Strat (w/voodoo '57)
    2012 Gibson Firebird V 2010
    Mesa Boogie Mark 1 reissue 1-12 combo
    'old' Fender medium and Herco Flex 75 picks
    2-12 cab sapele/maple

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    Is that Lee in your avatar??
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    That's the problem with Marshalls... They cut right through.


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    Kinda how I quit drinking for a long time. That was lame so I started again