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FS: Bogner Diagonal 2x12 Speaker Cabinet, UNLOADED. (with cover)


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  • FS: Bogner Diagonal 2x12 Speaker Cabinet, UNLOADED. (with cover)

    FOR SALE: Bogner Diagonal 212 Speaker Cabinet. UNLOADED. Cover included

    This is a Bogner Diagonal 212 cab from their alchemist series. Black Tolex. The silver metal logo has been carefully painted an offwhite cream to match the Bogner USA series Logo. I also converted the grill cloth to a Marshall-style small basket weave, to try to mimic the now-unavailable Bogner Wheat grill.

    It also comes with a custom made, BS-COVERS slip cover. ($40 Value)

    I bought this cab to use with my small-box amp heads. Unfortunately, my main amp now is about 3 inches too wide, and hangs over the edges of this cab. I need to get something else that's a bit wider. So this baby is up for sale.

    This is a killer looking and sounding cab that's built REALLY well, and comes darn close to their USA Goldfinger Series cab for a fraction of the cost.

    The cab dimensions are: 25.75" W x 26" H x 10.25" D

    PLEASE NOTE: The cab will be shipped unloaded, NO SPEAKERS, but with speaker mounting screws.

    $135 Shipped.