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WTB: VHT/Fryette head


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  • WTB: VHT/Fryette head

    Currently looking to buy a VHT/Fryette head. I've been trying a bunch of amps lately but nothing has come even close to my Deliverance 120 I currently have. So I've given up and just want to buy another VHT, preferably an ultra-lead however I'll consider basically anything but a Deliverance as I already have one. I am in Canada however I'll pay exact shipping costs (Usually ends up being a bit under $100 from the states for an amp that weight).

    Let me know what you have!


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    I've got a mint 50cl with EQ   $1100 shipped in U.S.


    PM me if interested.

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      I know this is a older post, but I'm thinking about selling my Ultralead. Just back from Fryette for new tubes and a biasing.