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*** SOLD Please Delete*** Vintage Marshall 1960AC

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  • *** SOLD Please Delete*** Vintage Marshall 1960AC

    This 1960AC cabinet comes with factory British Celestion G12M 25 watt Greenbacks in pristine condition inside this cabinet.

    The outside is well broken-in with plenty of stage time.  If you collect pristine vintage Marshall gear, this is NOT for you.  If you like amazing sounding gear that looks like it has been on tour with you for 29 years, then this is your cabinet.  I have been quoted $150 to get this completely recovered and grilled which would give me a restored vintage 1960AC cabinet worth about $600+.

    The front grill is fine as is the Marshall logo.  No broken letters.  This looks great from 3 sides.  The tolex is fairly good everywhere except 3 tears from someone before I owned this.  Finally, the tolex seemed to have peeled away on the right side and the previous owner simply watched it peel away gig after gig I guess.

    It has not changed since I owned it.  Sounds amazing with a Marshall cab or a 65 Bassman.  I have played both through this.  I am looking for $412 through paypal ($400 +3\% fees) + Shipping fees.  I have shipped a HEAVY Laney cab last year from Indiana to Los Angeles for about $100.  Here's how I roll.  YOu paypal me $412, then the cab is yours.  I will then get shipping rates from you and communicate them so you will send me a second paypal transaction for shipping.  I'm a fair guy, no surprises.

    See/hear it here:
















    261657\_1874548349796\_1423826180\_31755474\_55358  88\_n.jpg   373853\_3512435015939\_1633653850\_n.jpg  


    Respond here or email me at:



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