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VHT Pitbull 50/12 head


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  • VHT Pitbull 50/12 head

    1994 Pitbull 50/12 shorthead,el 84s clean and gain channel does classic,hard rock and metal but not modern metal. lots of tone options..reverb,presence and effects loop on back, no switch though takes a simple channel switcher...head has been played alot but in excellent working order..630.00 shipped...US only paypal only...great little amp wont break your back!


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    Pretty interested.  Any comments on how it might compare to a Pittbull 50/CL?  Had one of those before.

    I know the cleans are great, and you said it can't do modern metal, but how thick/heavy does the gain get?  How would you describe the tone?  Looking to get back into a VHT.  Thanks!


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      Probably not as much gain as the cl and the el84's arent as beefy as the el34's...there are some good clips on youtube.....they sound good