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FS:Vintage 1937 Gibson EH-150 Tube Amp


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  • FS:Vintage 1937 Gibson EH-150 Tube Amp

    1937 Gibson EH-150 Amplifier. Very Early rounded corner second model to the first Eh-150 made. This amp is in great condition inside and out. Shows some tolex wear. A light tolex strip in one corner but overall its in great shape for an amp this old. Amp has been well cared for over the years. Tubes look to be original. the rectifier and 2 6l6 tubes are marker dated to 1965. It sounds incredable. Its the original gibson 12" inch Ultrasonic reproducer fieldcoil. It has all original tranny's. Possably a changed cap or 2. Its sturdy, and it plays perfectly. I would advise replacing the old tubes of course. But even with them its quiet as can be with no hum. Its a very powerfull single 12" amp. Would not even need to mic it at a club. Click on pics, they tell the story. Asking $1225 shipped Thanks for checking out this amp.

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    Hi Vintageampman!
    I'm interested in your '37 Eh150 but cant access your photos. Can you email photos to
    Also, is a footpedalincluded?