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Trade: Splawn Quick Rod


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  • Trade: Splawn Quick Rod

    Custom ordered in a white headshell. This one has the 3 gears and the improved clean channel. No volume control in the loop, though a volume pedal does the same thing.

    Only trades I'm intersted in are for a 2 channel Soldano Hot Rod/Avenger, Mesa Trem-o-verb, or a Mark V
    I may consider other Marshall-esque amps though, feel free to send offers!

    Located in Southern Indiana




     photo A8522D97-DC5F-496F-8CB1-BB747076D4BD-3889-0000031470B6248B.jpg
     photo A6169E8C-FA9A-419D-B876-F03DA84B22D2-3889-00000314C0C9F23A.jpg
     photo F34E7BAA-3B39-4F1B-BD1D-42ACD1F1A5B6-3889-000003149D65E21E.jpg
     photo 61671534-2711-413F-BB30-6E7A5F33D044-3889-000003147C3CEB24.jpg
     photo 990F0D68-09AB-45FB-AA50-C573A592D58F-3889-00000314870CD636.jpg
     photo 697C46C5-68B9-4011-879D-FFB7A3C09ECF-3889-00000314928AD163.jpg
     photo 04C42715-7FB9-40A5-8CFB-237E08971B70-3889-00000314CC0F70B4.jpg
     photo 62DF9E35-982A-4F36-87DD-CF2D79D7AB89-3889-00000314D8A6E1FF.jpg
     photo 8642AC8C-D2A5-481E-ACFA-53AEFAB8FB49-3889-00000314E489AAFA.jpg

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    I have a Baron KT88 in Mint condition I'd consider a trade with. I have owned the QR and for the stuff we're doing now the QR would be a better fit. I am curious how the clean channel is. The KT88 clean is flat out awesome.


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      The Baron sounds interesting.. can you PM me pictures of it? I'm wanting to hold out for a Hot Rod Plus haha

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    i've got a rivera ktre i'll trade ya amp has fresh tubes and in excellent shape



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      Bump! I updated my trade interests .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />



      I would consider all offers, but I'm really intersted in a Hot Rod or Tremoverb


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        This amp is sold! Local 15yr old Van Halen fell in love with it haha