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For Sale: Carvin TS100 Tube Power Amplifier 100 watts!


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  • For Sale: Carvin TS100 Tube Power Amplifier 100 watts!

    20130210\_194150-1.jpgI have a Carvin TS100 for sale. Tubes are good and it sounds awesome. 

    You can also use it for your home entertainment audiophile. 

    Its a dual channel (stereo) 50 watt per channel for tottal of 100 watts. 

    I live in chicago illinois, if your close to me even better. Willing to ship but its a pretty 

    heavy power amp so shipping would be probably 50 bucks at least. 

    Im asking $325 for this.

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    Will it work with mix tubes? 6l6 & el34's?
    Great Deal(s) With - LoFiBrian, eyeball987


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      Well I'm not close by. San Francisco area. But I'm thinking about this seriously so if you could put a number on that ship charge I'd appreciate it. I know it's pretty heavy, about 25 lbs. And your estimate is about right at least for UPS. So would $375 cover it? Do you have a paypal account by any chance.


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        Great amp! I was using an old Crown amp with my old Carvin Quad X pre amp for years. I picked up the TS and it changed everything. Real warm


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          I know it's been a while but seriously, if you still have it and want to sell it, I'm buying. Lemme know. Thanks.