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FS: AIMS VTB-120 All-Tube Bass/Guitar Head


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  • FS: AIMS VTB-120 All-Tube Bass/Guitar Head

    I sold this on ebay, and due to some miscommunication with the buyer I had to refund him the money. The auction ended at $400, I will consider any offer remotely close to that.

    "AIMS VTB-120 Personalized bass sound system. Rated at 120 watts but Its clocked around 90. This thing kills for bass or guitar. These were produced in the 70s by a little company in arizona, legend has it the owners were involved with the design of a few fender models.

    I personally have used this for guitar. There are 2 6l6s installed, 3 12ax7s and a 12at7. 4 different inputs (bright/deep) which can be linked to produce some awesome natural gain. There is minimal rust.

    All inputs work/function as they should. The backplate, which isn't pictured, will be included. It was taken off so i could get a better shot of the inside. This is a really clean unit for how old it is!

    EDIT: I just recieved this back from the shop. The power switch was replaced and all of the inputs/contacts were cleaned."

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