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FS: Traynor Yba-1a


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  • FS: Traynor Yba-1a

    I'm asking 500 shipped, or will consider trades for 100+ watt tube heads, specifically sovtek and sunn. I've seen them go for more and less, but this is what I paid for it, and I think it's a fair price. I will upload pictures and details later, PM with any questions.



    EDIT: Finally got around to posting some pictures. I had a 3-prong cord installed on this a few months ago, and the tech mentioned to me that the original tubes are still in there. Doesn't mean much to me, but I know it will for others. They're pretty sought after from what I understand. I'm still looking for trades as well!




    IMG\_0652.JPGIMG\_0653 1.JPGIMG\_0654 1.JPGIMG\_0655 1.JPG

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    bump. 500 shipped!


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      Interested. I would like those pics, though. Do you know what year it is? Got a cab for it (even a 1x12)?
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        Bump! I believe it is a 1972. Sorry I haven't got around to the pics yet. It's in pretty decent condition. No major concerns, there are some nicks but its incredibly clean for its age.


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          I've got an avatar 4x12 that isn't necessarily for sale, but I would part with it along with the traynor for the right price.


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            bump! up for sale again.


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