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Hughes And Kettner Tubemeister 36


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  • Hughes And Kettner Tubemeister 36

    Hi Everyone.  This is a really well thought out and well put together amp.  It is in brand new condition and comes with a gigbag.  

    Basic features are that it is a 3 channel amp; clean, crunch, and lead.  There is a built in reverb.  There is also a power soak built in that allows you to play at 36, 18, 5, or 1 watt.  You can also go to no output and go direct with the built in redbox.

    It really is a great amp, but the voicing is a tad too modern and aggressive for me.  I like things a little smoother.  


    I'm looking for $725 shipped in the US.  I might be interested in trades...  I would possibly be interested in a 50 watt 5150 III (I like the blue channel), maybe certain blackstars, Carvin Legacy.  I'm open to ideas.


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    hi i dont know if is already too late . do u still have the amp?


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      Terribly sorry to bother you, as this does not have to do with buying your amp. I am having difficulty with now my second copy of the same amp combo version: both amps arrived with the midi function dead. Did you ever utilize teh midi feature? if so, what was your experience. I greatly appreciate the favor of a reply! Thanks!


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        Hi.  I never used any external midi controls.