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Randall RH200! 200 watt Randall head BRUTALITY!

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  • Randall RH200! 200 watt Randall head BRUTALITY!


    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Randall RH200 head
    I bought this about a year ago and am now selling it in order help fund this project:
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this head as far as functionality is concerned. It sounds great for playing heavy, heavy metal and it gets LOUD.
    The only issues this unit has are purely cosmetic, such as small tears in the tolex and a bit of white paint on the control panel. All of these can be seen in the pictures and, if you really wanted, could be fixed.
    If you want a nice, solid head with brutal distortion and don
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    I love my Randall RH-200. I have it running into a Peavey 412. I play a Bass VI -scale instrument, so I'm considering replacing the cab with bass speakers or trade it in for 2X15. Good Taste.