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FS: Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII and 412 Cab


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  • FS: Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII and 412 Cab

    Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKii with midi module and cover - $2100 One of my favorite amps, used it live and studio. Has minor tolex damage but runs like a dream, most reliable amp Iv ever had!
    Triamp Specs

    Hughes & Kettner VC412a cabinet - $600 Fair condition, tolex wear but works perfectly. Half the price of a new cab.
    Cab Specs


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    Also a heads up, contact me for shipping quotes as this will be a beast to send to certain places.




    • Rotti
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      Trades on the head? Location?

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    Sorry to bother as I not currently looking to buy your amp. I am having issues with its wee baby brother the Tubemeister 36. Two new units have arrived at my dealer with the midi feature DOA. Has your midi worked ok? Also, I assume that you refer to the midi floor controller as being the exrtra $200, as the midi feature is supposed to be built into the amp.

    I greatly appreciate your response. If I can't get one of the little guys to work I may have to figure out a way to buy yours. In that spirit may I ask why you are selling it?

    Many thanks!


    • boom-stick007
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      Yes mine has worked fine since installing it. No issues. Yes the description was a little off, I was writing many adds that day and didnt even notice that until you pointed it out. Id try seeing if those modules work with any other way possible, if you have access to another amp or whatnot. Not sure if I can help otherwise.

      Im selling because I just dont want to lug an amp to shows anymore so Im using an Axe FX. I know the tone isnt 100% there but I play metal and most people live dont really care for tone lol!!

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