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What lube do you use?

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  • What lube do you use?

    Okay, minds outta the gutter, folks! I recently revived some old hardware to use on my new Mapex kit. Most of it was in great shape, except the chains on my Pearl double pedal, which were a little gunky and rusty. After doing a little Googling, I picked up a can of Liquid Wrench Chain Lube (http://www.amazon.com/Liquid-Wrench-.../dp/B003542HE0) from the automotive section of my local Walmart. It's made for car, motorcycle, and bicycle chains, but since a kick pedal chain is basically the same as a bike chain, I figured it should work just fine. Man, did it ever! Took the rust off with no problem, and left my chains perfectly oiled up and looking brand-spankin'-new.

    So I got to thinking, do most people maintain their chains regularly, and if so, what do you use? I've read in numerous places that WD-40 is a big no-no, but I'm curious if there's any sort of "standard" or if people just use whatever.

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    I find that WD-40 tends to attract dirt and dust. It also causes carpets and anything else that it touches to get dirty and soiled. I use Super Lube aerosol spray. Spray it on let it sit for a while; while working the chain; and then I wipe off the excess that is on the surface of the chain.



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      Keep in mind, WD-40 although it says "lubricates", was never intended for that.
      The "WD" in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement and the 40 was the 40th recipe. It really is meant for removing moisture, and mildly lubricates in the process.
      A teflon based bicycle chain lube, is your best bet.
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        Agreed with the above! Any synthetic chain lubricant is great. I actually use what's called Chainj lube (or Synj lube) from a mountain bike company called Pedro's. Since I always have it due to biking, I grease up the pedal once in awhile to keep them smooth and fast. Works great!
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          Hmm. I have Gibby Intruders ( I think that's the model ) from the late 90s.They have no gears and the chains lay flat like a strap. In my 99% practice only usage, I think I have yet to lube the chains.

          The springs and u joints are another matter entirely. Every couple hours with silicone spray. I'd prolly do better with graphite powder but haven't bothered.
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            +1 on the silicone spray.
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              No Chain to lube for me. I do take care of the bearings with lithium grease a couple times a year.