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  • Sayonara!

    After quite a number of years, it is time for me to say goodbye to this forum. The joke that is called 'software' that runs this board has screwed me over for the last time. I wish to give thanks to the Administrators and Moderators for their valiant effort to work out the kinks, but I just can't take it anymore.

    It has been a lot of fun, and hopefully I have given at least as much good information as I've gotten from all of you. You will see me on Facebook, on the "First World Drummer Problems" page.

    Happy drumming to you all!

    Good playing can hide a crappy drumset, but even the best drumset can't hide crappy playing.

    Have no fear of perfection. You'll never reach it.- Salvador Dali

    Some of the best players that I know really can't play the drums well, but they play music superlatively well. - Jim Chapin

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    First you gotta detail this last straw.
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      typing hard. new things hard.

      goodbye deedub
      i miss you, mark
      r.i.p. rudy


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        Yeah, it's a bummer that there are so many software issues. I have no trouble, but it is frustrating to have lost so many good people. Merlyn's "First World Drummer Problems" page on FB is coming along nicely, and many of us are up on that, too.
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          Jack of all trades....Master of none...


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            Im working with Brad on the issues. I have plugged him in directly with the problem solvers. Ironically, I have to log in every time I visit, but I don't have any of the other issues he is having.
            I want everyone to have a good experience here.

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              I am happy to see so many HC members at the new FWDP group on FB; thought it can never really replace the opportunity that HC can offer in terms of an organized forum, and that certainly isn't the intent. I am really hoping that the HC team can help bring back the ease of use that encourages strong content, and less random BS posts.

              If anyone takes a break from HC and ends up on the FWDP group, then they will certainly hear about HC changes, as I know I plan to be here checking up on the forums.
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                I'm just a musician.Playing in a community is confusing.
                Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...

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                  What?? Man this sucks, I am on FB but I have many other groups I'm in that deal with my hometown and such.
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