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    Sounds very good for a rock band

    Keep up the good work



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      since you mention it i'll post the other one, it's the first song we ever wrote so be gentle..



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        Hey where/how did u record this stuff? sounds good! I like the songs, remind me of the whole tool thing too, plus some local band around here.
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          We recorded at a local studio called Soundmill in Fort Wayne, IN. Everything was recorded and mixed with Pro Tools. They had some pretty high dollar gear in there and they charged a rate of $45/hour which is pretty damn good compared to some other studios around here. Taking into consideration the result, it was worth it. It took us about 80 hours total to complete the album which has 65 minutes worth of music.


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            pretty good, I haven't listened to the whole song because I've only got dial-up and I've only heard what seems like the first 1/4 of the song. Great drumming. I like how in the beginning you've got the whole syncopated thing going on, then goes into the more traditional beat. I like that contrast.

            I've heard most of it now...

            it's not really my kind of music, but it's a good song. There's a few places where it changes and makes it interesting, I like that. You guys are really good.

            here's my band's site....

            our music's not up right now because the mp3's are still on angelfire and there's that whole "no remote linking" or whatever. But in like a day or so it should be good.


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              tear this one apart! By the way, our album is out contact me by email at bolshevik84@hotmail.com if you would like a copy. It is $10 per copy, and the album contains 65 minutes of music. Once again thanks for all the comments, critiques, and compliments.


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                Damn, hope I sound that good in 2.5 years.
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                  Here you go...

                  story of now

                  a montague in a capulet world



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                    Not bad....do i sense some Portnoy influence?? please don't turn into a show off "band" like dream theatre.


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                      Originally posted by Hamburgermilk
                      Not bad....do i sense some Portnoy influence?? please don't turn into a show off "band" like dream theatre.

                      responding to whom? gcdrummer or me? And by the way gcdrummer, I enjoyed your work on those recordings.

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                      *edit again because i didn't change the name *


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                        dude how do you learn to play that good? honestly im not into your music its not my style but your drumming is tight and amazing, your about 17 right? **************** im 17 but ive only been playing for about 6 months. but yeah your drummings great i think youre gonna go far. i heard some tight shredding on the guitar too. how did your band record the tracks its good quality
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                          Pretty cool Extremis.
                          The drums could come up in the mix, but the band sounds good.
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                            what snare are you using?
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                              I used a 14 X 6.5 pearl masters birch snare. I used a falam II head by remo on the batter side. It's normally used as a marching snare head. It's really thick and made out of kevlar I believe; I had it cranked on pretty tight. I had an ambassador head on the resonant side. With the falam II I lose a lot of different tonalities and overtones that would come out with a thinner head, but it gives a nice tight crack. I liked it.


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                                sounds cool!

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