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my band's new mp3

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  • my band's new mp3

    check it out...
    we're from northeast Indiana. Check out our site at Any feedback is appreciated.

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    post your band's mp3(s) too if you want...


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      how long have you been playing?


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        about 4.5 years now.. I started when I was 13.


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          final ..bump.. akshun


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            Sounds pretty good man!




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              Here is the links to our bands MP3's :

     song and twtmnc.mp3






              I'm just downloading your one at the mo !!
              Pete. The Second Class Citizens



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                yeh dude, that track is cool !! Dam good quality too !! ours is ****************e compered to that !! hehe We just thash out our songs as fast as poss !!
                Pete. The Second Class Citizens



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                  I like it, I enjoyed the drumming, nice work.

                  The vocals sound a little like everybandUSA, and the guitar leaves a little to be desired, but I liked what you were doing on the drums...I look forward to hearing more from you.
                  Structure of Decay


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                    Very original.
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                      Very nice, you guys are tight.

                      You are a very gifted, creative and original drummer, things should go well for you
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                        When I first heard it, the song sounded like a twist of a tool song,and something else couldn't put my finger on it.

                        Your lead singer sounds like the guy from Orgy, which isn't bad.

                        You yourself sound damn good, real orginal ****************, I don't know if you like to be compared to people but If i had to pick 2 it would be Dana Carey (Tool) and Chad Sexton (311). Your tom work sounds like Carey and your snare work sounds like Sexton.

                        Good luck


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                          wow.. thanks. Danny Carey is a big influence I have to admit. Singer does need work, I agree. He has been singing for about 8 months now and hasn't really found his niche yet, and needs to build up his vocal strength. We're looking into getting vocal lessons. Thanks for the comments.


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                            ok...*listening right now*

                            The beginning reminds me a little of Death (but less metal). Cool hi-hat work! I agree with the Danny Carey part.

                            The sound of this recording is very good!
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                              Oh, and by the way:

                              I also downloaded 'the gift', great song!
                              we spread like flies that eat the sweet tears from your eyes