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Your thoughts on Weezer's drummer?


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  • Your thoughts on Weezer's drummer?

    If you have the chance check out the song "Burndt Jamb" it's real bomb, lots of fun to play.

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    Nice practice when you play drums for about 1 month.
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      I think his beats are pretty simple, otherwise....nothing really stood out good or bad.
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        I really like him. He's real simple, straightforward, and solid. He backs Weezer's music very well and is kinda fun to watch live. But all of the fills on the blue CD are crazy stupid. It sounds like he's playing a ghetto set.

        (For those who, unlike me, are not alumni of the MCHS jazz band, a "ghetto" set is a kit consisting of a hihat, kick, snare, and crash. Lightness and cheapness are main factors, as well as the ability to play hip hop beats. Used when the lazy ass drummer doesn't feel like lugging his own stuff and asks the horn guys to do it.)


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          have you seen the video for "Undone" (The S=w=eater song)?


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              Originally posted by Rage Bass Dude
              have you seen the video for "Undone" (The S=w=eater song)?

              yes with dogs at the end.

              I like this drummer, he plays very simple lines, but he always reach the goal of the song.


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                I don't think he is completely without talent (as many people do), though the majority of his repertoire proves differently. Ive been listening to Pinkerton a lot recently and it showcases his ability more than any other of their albums (although I haven't heard Maladroit yet so I shouldn't say that).
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                  That's true, and I think that it takes a high level of skill to play as simply as Pat does. Before Weezer he played in band that were more of the Primus/RHCP vein. I think this guy has skills he is humble enough to keep in his pocket and play what is needed, which in Weezer is simplicity. There are some great fills on Pinkerton.

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                    Pat's a good player. He does what's required for the songs...nothing more, nothing less. That's what makes a good drummer in a band great. A seasoned player will play for composition rather than play for himself. That's the discipline behind being a professional...knowing what the song needs and how to get that across without sounding dull.


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                      "Nice practice when you play drums for about 1 month."

                      oh man, is that ever soo funny, but more disturbingly, yes it is true. he is too simple, but i guess it suites the crappy music.



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                        Weezer is my favourite band of all time, but Pat's beats are pretty simple. But have you seen him play guitar? He was shredding at the last concert I saw, it was pretty cool


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                          he is awsome !!!
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                            I saw a skit on leno or something where they had a fake elvis going around and he went to the weezer guys apartment, and had no idea who he was it was funny.
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                              have you guys seen the new Video?