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    Does anyone own or tried the Pacific Chameleon drum set? It's the one that has the reversable drums which one side has the mesh heads and the other has standard heads. I am interested in getting one for my apartment. I haven't seen them at Mars or Guitar Center. How does it sound with the regular heads? Is the hardware good quality?

    I have tried the Pearl Rythmn Traveler which wasn't too bad. It would really suck changing the heads every time you want to change from silent to regular. Also it seemed like the drum shells and hardware weren't very solid.

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    I've played a Chameleon down at Drum Headquarters. I like the feel on mesh heads with the stick rebound and all. I like it better than the Rhythm Traveler. IMO
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      Mesh heads sure beat sound off mufflers. I am very curious about how it sounds with the regular heads on. I assume playing with regular heads on this set wouldn't be nearly as loud as a regular full sized drum kit. Thats no problem. In fact, thats a plus. What I care allot about is the tone. I am a bit obsessed with tone but that comes from being a guitar player for many years I guess.

      Origionally, I had considered an electronic drum set but they are so damn expensive. Even the lower end electronic sets go for 800-1000 and those really aren't very good. The Chameleon is something like $450 or so I think. So thats probably my best bet.

      As far as cymbals, i'll probably get a nice pair of hihats and a real good 20 inch light ride cymbal that I could use as a crash too(i love surf music ie: Ventures, Dick Dale).


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        The regular head tone is passable but not great. They are very small drums though so they sound like nice small drums. They do sound better than the rhythym travellers though and IMHO you get more for your money with the chameleons.
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          Thanks for your input.

          The Chamelean seems to be the best option for my apartment. I will probably order it online soon. Once I get it I will write a detailed review and post it here.