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    Ah, there might be a few occasions a might let a band use my kit, but not my cymbals...The problem with using someone else's kit is, it usually isn't set-up like your own and you have to change it and it still isn't comfortable. Then you waste time setting it back up how you want it..
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      i generally ask to borrow a rug because mine is too big and unfoldable to take around.

      i don't like to use other people's stuff because its never set exactley as i need it.
      i only let people use my stuff that i know and trust.


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        I had to use another kid's crappy set when we played a gig; I wasn't all too happy. Our guitarist (basically the leader) was yelling at the other guys: "He didn't spend his ****************ing money on a set so he could use some piece of ****************. Same way I didn't spend money on my guitars so I could go to a public performance and play a $50 import."

        Regardless of ^this^, I still had to use the set. I wasn't happy, but at least I got to use my cymbal, my snare, and my pedal. Nobody else used the cymbal (although I wouldn't have cared, the thing's wicked thick), and nobody else used the snare (which I wouldn't have lent out anyway, I've seen those kids break almost-new snare heads). Everyone used my pedal, just everyone else ignored the left side (double pedal), and played with the hi-hat.


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          I wasn't trying to sound like dick in my post or anything, i'd certainly let someone use something of mine if it was an emergency etc. But if some guy wanted to wail on my kit because he didn't want to lug his around or mine is "better than his," then screw him. As for these guys who share kits, if you share a kit with 3 other drummers, you obviously don't put a lot of thought into your music. A drum set is a very personal sound and should be arranged sonically to enhance the music you are playing. If you don't care what the kit sounds like as long as you can wail away, then your band probably sucks ass.


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            I don't know what i was getting at

            edit I'm stupid



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              Originally posted by drummerjoe
              eh, whatever man.... troll away.

              Yeah, good luck with the THREE RECORD LABELS !!


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                no problem man... all is going well! best of luck with your carreer as well!

                Please clean up your language when posting in our forums if you want to
                participate. We can tolerate some profanity, but some of your recent
                posts are too much.



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                  Originally posted by dave_noosence
                  I carry a pair of ****************in old thick sticks just incase a drummer asks me to borrow a pair, which has happened before. He gets to borrow the sticks and I could care less what he does to them, but I doubt he could break them.

                  I assume you meant you couldn't care less. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. I'm annoyed by weird stuff.



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                    Well Ive never really had to lend **************** out to other drummers that i dont know... but Im pretty aight with the guys that i know cause they know they have to pay for it if they break it and also i can find them and rape them till they pay me the money if they are being cheapasses.

                    But i wouldnt let ppl use my gear cause it would be harder to get the cash from the bastard if he broke it running around the whole city lol.. But theres an old saying "If u dont want something done to u dont do it to them" well thats more for pranks lol but I guess god will screw u for being mean to every drummer u come across(breaking 5 drumsticks in a 30 minute show)

                    But if someone ever broke my beautiful iron cobras i would personally ram my foot up their ass along with my drumsticks until his Ass will be ****************ting drumsticks for the next Few months

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