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Any Gretsch Advice ???

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  • Any Gretsch Advice ???

    Hi, I'm not a drummer. I have a home studio and I'd like to get some info on the kit I have. It's a maple natural finish Gretsch (the snare is a blue sparkle). Basically I'd like to know what it's worth. Everything is in very good shape; no cracks inside or out of the shells. I was told that the set is from 71-72 and the snare from the mid 60's. The #'s are
    * 24" Bass / mod. 4269W ser. 86134 on an orange sticker
    * Snare / round badge mod. 4105 ser. 69934 on an orange sticker
    * 12" tom / stop sign box font mod. 4450W ser. 82657 on an orange sticker
    * 14" tom / stopsign box font mod. 4452W ser. 103064 on a grey sticker
    * 15" tom / stop sign slanted font mod. 4453W ser. 84883 on an orange sticker

    The reason I ask is because I am thinking of possibly trading the kit. The problem is that on the toms and the bass I get mettalic overtones tht I can't get rid of!! It's not the mounts, and the only other thing I think it can be is the lugs. Or maybe someone has some advice on how to correct that? It's not a huge problem for other drummers, but for a studio guy like me, it's enough for me to want to get rid of the set.

    So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What do you mean metallic overtones? When you play the kit or is it from something like a guitar amp?


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      I mean I can strike a tom in the middle of an open field, hear the 'thump' along with a 'rrrng.' And its on all three toms and the bass ?????



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        And to me it sounds like the springs inside the lugs. It's very noticable. Any easy cures?


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          Originally posted by tomv
          And to me it sounds like the springs inside the lugs. It's very noticable. Any easy cures?

          Well I don't play drums so I'm not much help. I was just asking so if someone who knows more about drums reads this it's more informative. The drum forum is rather slow. =(


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            ask the guys at, they have a lot more vintage knowledge.


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              Yeah it could be broken springs inside the lugs or the inserts that hold them could be shot, any vintage or well stocked drum shop will have those parts. If you have the bottom heads off those bottom lug springs and inserts will rattle & buzz till the cows cry for mercy! Also are the heads on this kit from the 70's as well ? If so its definitly time to change them, I've found with old poorly tuned heads you can get a "ping" at higher tensions or a kind of "honk" at lower tensions. Do you have experience with tuning the drums if so, great. If not I'd try to find someone who knows what they are doing, they'll likely get those drums singing in a good way!!! I mean those drums are a legend for a reason, so as long as the shells are in round and the bearing edges (where the head & drum meet) are flat, no peaks or valleys then they should be able to produce a very nice sound. Sometimes the paint and other materials companies put inside their drums will accentuate the highs a bit more, this would be best removed by a professional. Hopefully AGOGOBILL is watching and can give you more advice, he knows alot more about vintage drums than I do. Best of luck to you.


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                Dave Schenck said it all ... I haven't heard of that sort of problem with Gretsch. I'd suggest putting some sort of stuffing inside the lugs, BUT those particular lug screws are self-tapping and EXTREMELY EASY TO STRIP! Real brilliant move on Gretsch's part, eh?

                Check out the tuning, like Dave said.
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