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What the hell are these Zildjian things?

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  • What the hell are these Zildjian things?

    a friend of mine stole these from my school and gave em to me, and neither he or I know what they are ....

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    That picture is horrible but they look like Zil Bels.
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      it's a webcam pic, the quality is basically guarenteed to be **************** ...

      they are made of leather, with a small slit in the middle on both sides ....


      • #4
        Your buddy stole 'em but you guys don't even know what they are?


        • #5
          They are for hand-mounting orchestral cymbals ... probably useless to you. Both ends of a leather strap are passed through the slit, hole in the cymbal and then knotted. Maybe you could use them as drink coasters in the living room.

          I know nothing about you or your school, but where I live, I see entire school districts cutting music programs because of lack of funds. You should embrace your opportunity. Besides, some poor schlep in orchestra is going to have a hell of a year trying to play his parts using his fingers to hold the cymbals.


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            They look like a close-up of alien eyes...
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              Originally posted by DrummerSloth
              a friend of mine stole these from my school and gave em to me, and neither he or I know what they are ....

              return them to your school. they need them more than you do if you dont even know what they are...


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                Yeah, stealing unknown items from the school band is pretty desperate...
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                  Had to register especially to say....

                  You Idiot


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                    Bring them back to the school you don't need them.
                    And for your friend life makes a complete circle someday he will get some of his gear or other stolen (bad karma).
                    Why would you even say they were stolen?
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