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What Wood is your Fav???


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  • What Wood is your Fav???

    which wood and why??

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    Originally posted by jokerjkny
    which wood and why??

    I voted birch cause I think it sounds just as nice as maple and is nicer to the wallet.
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      Not having heard them in person, I can't say for sure, but I do like the sound of Danny Carey's bubinga drums, which would surely put the hurt on most people's wallets. Though I guess not as much hurt as his new kit. Someone on a Tool newsgroup posted that they had asked Paiste how much the kit costs and Paiste says $24,000, just for the shells.


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        My premier kit is birch eucalyptus but my snare is all maple and I am quickly favoring maple over birch because of its warmth. Also, if I want to build my own kit (which I might do eventually) I can get keller maple shells pretty easily.
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          I prefer maple. Birch is great too but it's just a matter of taste. Kinda like comparing head selection.
          I wonder what hickory drums would sound like?
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            I prefer maple shells (made by Jasper Co.). They sound so wonderful. I tested out many kits and found that Fibes maple drumkit suited my ears the best. They cost me too $$ much though.


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              i prefer whatever is the cheapest.