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  • How long have you been playing

    How long have you guys been playing out there

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    I've been playing for over 20 years. I'm 34 and started when I was 8.



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      I started when I was 9. Now I'm 27.

      What a long, strange trip it's been.


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        Only a few months....

        Which has still been long enough for me to feel a real connection to the instrument and be kind of annoyed that I spent so long trying to play the guitar.


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          Started on marching snare in 76'

          Got first decent kit, a 4pc Rodgers, in 80'

          Sold my kit and took a 10yr hiatus in 91'
          only playing occasionally at jams and such

          Bought a Bass guitar in 99' and hacked around
          on it for 2yrs.

          Bought a brand new set of Exports in May of 01'
          and after 4 months of shaking off the rust
          joined the band that I'm currently with
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            Started in 1968, 35 years ago.

            But since I stopped playing in '96 and didn't start again untiil 2002, its more like 29 years.

            Give or take a month or two.

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              I started in my freshman year; I'm a senior now. About 3-4 years.


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                started 3 and a half years ago

                btw for the more experience drummers, how many years would you say most drummers would take to start breaking down their independence and actually get real good
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                  About a month.


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                    Originally posted by elimin8r
                    started 3 and a half years ago

                    btw for the more experience drummers, how many years would you say most drummers would take to start breaking down their independence and actually get real good

                    There's two problems with this question:

                    1. Natural Ability
                    Some people just have aa natural gift. I know guitarists who have struggled for years and constantly work at playing, and then I know this idiot who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, but he's one of the most smoking guitar players you've ever heard - which means, he's got "the gift".

                    2. Determination

                    A lot of drumming depends upon how much you practice. How much time do you work on your hands? Your feet? I became a very good player quickly, and when I was 17 I was playing in a band with guys 10 years older than I was....BUT, I had put in a lot of time practicing.

                    I tend to be more of a "feel" player, over a "timing" player. Some guys have "perfect" timing, and they come acros sounding like a metronome....and some guys have what one of my friends defined as "perfect feeling"....these are the players that can "groove". I have always worked on my timing trying to make it as perfect as I could, and in one band I was in, I had a metronome mounted on one of my kicks so that I could watch it to make sure I was in time....and My bass player (who I still play with after 10 years) was like, "Throw that damn thing away and just play man...when you start watching the time, that's when it starts losing the pulse...if we wanted a drum machine, we'd just use one...we want you to play how YOU play...you make it groove, and that's what sets us apart from these other bands."
                    So, that made me feel good.
                    His big analogy was that the Beatles were out of time all over the place, but they were out of time TOGETHER, so that the music moved...you know, it would speed up on the choruses a little bit, and slow down on the verses.

                    So as long as your time keeping is avaerage (in the sense that you keep an average time...that is, unless you're playing to a click...I can do it, but it' definitely still a bit stiff sounding when I do.)

                    To me, aside from natural ability, it is all going to depend upon how much you put into it.
                    I'll still sit around with a pair of sticks, just tapping on my leg or something like that, and it drives everyone nuts.

                    For example, let's say I'm going to learn a cover song:
                    I just air drum to it a few times...and my brother laughs about this.. he goes "what are you doing? practicing?" (with a smirk on his face) Why do I need to get on the set to learn it? I know what the guy is doing, so I just need to memorize the parts and fills, and then I can replicate them on the kit.
                    So, as part of my practice routine, learn at least 4 new songs a
                    week doing it this way....and after doing this for almost 20 years...I have quite a backlog of songs tht I can pull out almost immediately.

                    Also, another thing...is learning/acquiring tasteful licks/fills and knowing when/where to use them in the song.
                    A lot of my friends over the years have compared me to Bonham...but to be honest, I really don't play like Bonham...Sure, I normally tune my kit like his, and he was a big influence on me as far as those types of things go...but to me, I don't "sound" like Bonham.

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                      I got my first kit when I was around 19, and have been through 5 kits since. I am 31 now, and probably have collectively 3 years of playing behind me. I have never really played on a regular basis, I am a piano player as well. I have played drums probably 6 times in the last year or so, just don't have a good place to keep them set up!!

                      I mostly play to record.

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                        yeah i kinda figured about the natural ability one.. that's why i underlined most just wanted to know how long it takes for the average drummer not the child prodigies thanks anyway
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                          I have been playing since I was 13, and I am 22 now. I took about a year off in which I played intermitantly every few weeks or months and I found out that not playing music was making me depressed (in addition to a few other things). So I got a rehearsal space and in the past year I have been practicing my ass off and it has paid off. I am in 2 bands now, and really happy playing music.

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                            I been playing since 1987 16 years now
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                              I think Fafnir777's answer was pretty spot on.

                              I mean, think of it like learning to use a computer. Some people just take to it naturally, and are up in running in no time. Others struggle to just learn how to move around the keyboard.

                              I also think that practicing by yourself and being in a band are two completely different processes. I've seen guys who could just smoke a set when playing on their own, but when they played with other people they just didn't sound as good.

                              That's why I generally encourage every young player to start playing with other people on their level (or even higher) as soon as they can if they have the want to play live music.

                              The sooner you learn how to listen and play off of other players, as well as how to keep time for a group, the better off you'll be. To say nothing of learning the dynamics of not only drums but music in general. Those are things that you can't really learn on your own.

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