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    I have been doing a ton of research on drums this last 2 weeks...hours and hours and hours etc.

    Today I was told about Fibes . I hadn't heard of them before, but the guy claims they are excellent drums for the price if you want great quality. They don'y mass produce anything. Everything is just made to order. And that their shells are some of the best you will find. Well that sounds great.

    Do any of you have any experience with Fibes ?

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    I know they've made a comback lately. Fibes was around in the late 70's and early 80's and their claim to fame was their fiberglass shells. I don't know if they are still using fiberglass shells but I do remember they were very good drums. They had a very lively sound.


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      Fibes drums are amazing. I got an opportunity to play some new ones at a drum show, and I about pooped my pants. Here's the story- Fibes was started in the 70's went broke, was renamed, Darwin later Corder-, until the original owners took over again. The new fibes drums are better than the originals IMO. They are fantastic all around. Listen to Wilco to see what I mean.
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        I have a 2002 Fibes high gloss maple kit. I think it sounds great. Fibes uses Jasper shells which are also used on Gretsch kits. They also make the crystallite drums which look cool, but I'm not shure if they sound good or not. They only fiberglass drum they make now is the snare drum. I had one for a few weeks. It is very loud when struck hard. Sounded ok, but I personally prefered the maple snare better. They paint job looks awesome and the hardware looks cool on these kits. Also the aft strainer on the snare drum is neat. The legs on the bass drums are easlily removable by pushing in and twisting. There is a holder for them under the bass drum. That's a cool option. Fibes drums usually take less time to get the kit to you compared to other companies. I don't think they are that cheaply priced though. My 6pc. shell kit (18x22B, 10x9T, 12x10T, 14x12T, 16x16F, 5x14S) cost around $3000.00. That was with a 35% discount. This was without tom mounts or descent hoops. I went with tama starclassic hoops and mounts. Overall nice kit.


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          I have never played a Fibes kit, but I knew a guy down in Austin that worked in their factory, and he swore by them. I trust his opinion.
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            Fibes drums

            you'll find the history of Fibes there. They and Gretsch are presently the only drum makers using Jasper shells (there was a short period of time when Slingerland used them as well). Jasper has since gone out of business, and Fibes will soon be making their own shells. Except for rims and tension rods, Fibes are American made.

            I have a 2000 high gloss natural maple kit. Quality is flawless. The people behind the product are first class, period. Good thing is that you can often find Fibes, Darwin, or Corder kits on Ebay for a song.

            (One thing about the Fibes fiberglass snare ... Buddy Rich used them in performance while he was endorsing other maker's drums.)
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              I have a friend in Greenville SC who is a Fibes dealer, and he sold kits to a couple of my buddies..I've done some gigs with them, and I MUST SAY..... they SOUND great,, LOOK great, and are just flat out exellent drums..... .....
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