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  • No drums for 4 weeks

    On Monday at work I severed tendons in my right index finger.(I am right handed). Despite the operation being a success, the surgeon said I can't use my hand for 4 weeks and will not heal completely for 3 months. The worst part about this is that I auditioned for a band on Sunday and found out I got the gig on the way to the hospital, on monday. My first gig was going to be tonight..... The guys in the band said they will use a fill in until my hand is healed, but it still hurts like ****************. Anybody suffer tendon damage and notice any change to flexibility?
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    You know, you CAN still play, just without your right hand. If I were you, I'd take the time in the next 4 weeks to work on you kick/double pedal skills and strengthen up your feet, so you can be extra fast with your new band, on the pedals that is. Good luck.
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      yeah man. since you're restricted to one hand and your feet this is a golden opportunity to get your double kicks strong


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        Back In 1999 I broke my left wrist in 7 places and had to have an external fixator (hardware) drilled into my hand and my forearm to keep the wrist inline to heal for 3 months and then physical therapy afterwards. I was down for 5 months without playing.

        Like the others guys said there is plenty of other things to can work on. Sorry to hear, Get well fast
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          Back when I was in high school, every year they had this big battle of the bands deal. At the time, it was pretty much the only gig we played outside our garage all year, so it was a huge deal to us.

          My senior year, the 'battle' was scheduled for early April, about a week after we got back from spring break. I was going out to colorado to go skiing over break, and was all worried about what would happen if I broke a leg or something. I figured if my left leg got munched, I'd just be playing everything with closed hi-hats. If my right leg got munched, I'd get a double pedal and play the kick parts with my left foot. At that point, I'd been skiing for about 14 years without any major injuries, so I figured that there was a 99% chance I wouldn't even have to worry about this kind of thing.

          Long story short (too late for that?) I did a huge face plant on my first ski day and broke my right collarbone. With no right arm to use on the gig, I had to find a replacement.

          Man, that sucked. I feel your pain.
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            Right hand got you down? No worries...

            work your left hand chops. If your a righty, then it will help you lots!
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              Thanks for the pic. That really helped me to understand the injury ... a whole lot.

              Like the the others were saying - when life serves lemons ........

              Take the down-time to focus on other aspects of your playing:

              Sometimes a little break is actually the best thing in terms of developing your skill as a musician.

              Heal quickly.


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                i can partially play w/o my right hand, as i use my left foot to keep time goin on the hats, (not quite the same, but better than none) but i'm a lefty, (i still play drums like a righty) so i don't think i'd be too happy about working my left arm any more then my right.

                you got some down time now to do other things like the others have said, maybe even some things that aren't drum related. you could take the time to experiment on your kit too, things with tuning, or movin the drums aroun an such.
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                  I would take the opportunity to learn a one-handed roll .

                  Seriously though, that sucks. I had something similar happen my senior year of high school. I sliced the index finger of my right hand open on a meat slicer. It wasn't as bad as yours...all muscle...but it still hurt like the dickens. This was right during the middle of marching band season, so naturally, I played our shows with three fingers on the stick and my index finger pointing out, bandaged up. You don't what kind of chops you have till you doing flam fives like THAT! I'm not suggesting you try it by any means, but hey, if it's a possibility...
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                    I was in Kansas City one night at the Emporium Ballroom, and saw a dude play drums with a stick TAPED to his right hand, which he had broken the day before. Amazingly, he kicked major butt, had the fastest single footwork I ever heard, and all with a kick, snare, ride, and hi-hat. That's it. I almost decided to quit playing right there on the spot after hearing him.
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                      Thanks for all the encouraging / helpful comments.

                      since the last post I have had my first physio session and had a plastic cast fitted. since this only covers the affected area, the rest of my hand is free. My hand feels a lot better now, and it's only been 6 days since the op. I will have weekly therapy sessions until fully healed, and I think I will be drumming pretty soon. I have set up my kit, and playing one handed is harder than I thought. it's amazing how much I rely on my right hand!
                      I don't think I have gone without playing for longer than 2 weeks my whole drumming life...........

                      I have also copped my fair share of ' Def Leppard' jokes. it's starting to get old.
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                        Poor ****************
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                          Originally posted by Nagi
                          Back In 1999 I broke my left wrist in 7 places and had to have an external fixator (hardware) drilled into my hand and my forearm to keep the wrist inline to heal for 3 months and then physical therapy afterwards. I was down for 5 months without playing.

                          Like the others guys said there is plenty of other things to can work on. Sorry to hear, Get well fast

                          I also had this done on my right arm (mine was broken in 9 places) when I ate it on a half pipe while I was snakeboarding (yes, I meant snakeboarding). It sucked, but I was able to get my feet working really well and continued to gig using only one arm (ambidexterous). It certainly put me in the mood for some woodshedding. Good stuff!
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                            Originally posted by shelbass
                            Poor talented ****************

                            git it right
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                              Yeah, take the opportunity to learn to lead with your left hand. that guy from Dave Matthews Band couldn't do half the stuff he does without being able to lead with his left hand. Since you don't really keep time with your snare hand, you can use your injured right hand for the snare.
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