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  • Floor Tom Cradle Suspension Mounts

    I want to take my 12"X14" floor tom from its double braced stand(W/RIMS mount) and put on a floor tom cradle suspension mount (w/ the 3 normal floortom legs)on this 14" tom.
    My question is twofold 1.......would i need to do any drilling or hard attaching of this cradle mount into my drum and 2...has anyone ever done this to their floor tom at all?
    Any ones thoughts ideas or experiences with doing this to a drum would be greatly appreciated....

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    I don't think you need to do any drilling. From what I understand, the cradle is attached to the drums the same way that a RIMS mount is, which uses the tension rods. Or maybe I'm wrong, I dunno. I've never known anybody who switched from a RIMS mount to a floor tom cradle though.
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      Its a piece of cake. No holes. Do you need a RIMS cradle mount?
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