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    Gear interested

    Registered: Nov 2004
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    Hi, Folks:

    I am fairly new to PAs again, since I last made a living with them in the 60s and early 70s. Anyway I play classical/pop nylon-string guitar and sing. I've worked a fair amount with conga players, which I love, and even with tabla players, which can be wonderful. In performance, I might do a Roy Orbison ballad, a Beatles ballad, Bossa Nova, and then a Vivaldi guitar concerto. I would like to enhance my daily practices via percussion. I have an ancient Alesis SR16, but I don't care for the presets at all, this machine is way too "hyped" for my needs. What I'd like is something extremely diverse, something that would play a basic Calypso, then Rhumba, then Country Swing, etc., etc., with some tasteful, high quality instruments, and I'd like to have tasteful pre-made grooves, I don't want to take lots of time studying the art of percussion and programming from scratch. I have a G5 Mac and Pro Tools LE. I have a CD player that I can put into my PA. I also would consider another drum machine, if it had hand percussion and diversified programming. I do NOT want to spend a fortune here, I don't think I would use this "live" too often, but you never know, of course. Any ideas, folks?

    All my best.


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    Quick fix.... hire a real life breathing drummer!!!

    No machine will replace a drummer... and someone with no precussion experiance isn't going to come up with a good result trying to program a machine...

    Search for a drummer in your area... worst case scenero, hire a drummer to record all your tracks.. then that can be played back live and you can jam to it..
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    Drummer in 4 Tribute bands.