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Sabian AAX. Yay or nay?


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  • Sabian AAX. Yay or nay?

    I'm thinking about buying a 22" Sabian AAX Metal ride. I'm a normally a Zildjian guy myself, so I don't know alot about them. I play new and classic hard rock covers with a few old school metal tunes, so I want something that will cut through the sound, but not be totally overbearing. Any help?

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    I personally would stick with zildjian but if your gonna switch i would go with Sabain AA and AAX so yay


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      Believe me, I love Zildjian. I actually feel treasonous just thinking about buying a cymbal other than Zildjian, but I think I can get a really good deal on this cymbal, so I hope the cymbal gods can forgive me.


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        Does it sound good with the rest of your cymbals? That's the only question you need to ask.

        Every once in a while I see a good deal on mail-order cymbals, but I've never bought one. I'll go into a store and hit about thirty or forty, hate all but four, and of those four, two will sound good. And they won't fit with the rest of my kit.

        That being said, I like a lot of the Sabians I've heard, and I owned one for quite a while. They usually mix well with Zildjians (as they should, coming from a branch of the same family).


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          AAX cymbals are excellent cymbals - durable and versatile. Good for metal, punk, but also some contemporary jazz/fusion.
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            I hope you are trying it out before you decide to buy. I never really cared for the metal weight rides, they just sound kinda blah to me. I have a 21" AAX stage and it's really nice. Very versatile.
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              what cymbals would you be using them with??

              I used to have a AAX Metal Crash and I loved it it was quite heavy and thick yet it also worked quite well in acoustic gigs
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                I guess this is all moot now. I've done gone and bought myself a Zildjian 22" A series ride instead.


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                  I'm not a fan of the AAX Metal series at all ... but really dig and own SABIAN AAX Stage and AAX Studio series cymbals.

                  The nice thing with the Sabian AAX series cymbals is the way that they are made ... with the metal being in a cold state when the cymbal is formed, the cymbals can be made thin but hold up like a medium weight cymbal. Now you don't have to buy a nasty sounding heavy cymbal, just so it won't break immediately.
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