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Easy fix for monitoring other players?


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  • Easy fix for monitoring other players?

    We have a small band that plays for fun at our RVing club. There are several of us who play guitar with our own amps (small Fender and Fishman amps) and mikes. The drummer is having a difficult time hearing the guitar and vocals. Is there an easy fix like plugging headphones into one of the main amps or do we need to get a mixer of some type?

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    A mixer would make things a hell of a lot easier, but, you may be able to get away with putting amps behind your drummer.


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      For those really small gigs, either point the stuff at the drummer somewhat, or have it behind him enough...

      That said, if he can't hear, your too quiet, or he's too loud.



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        I'm going to guess you have your amps and everything in front of the drums pointing out to the front. Prolly sounds good out front but, sit behind the kit and listen, I bet all you hear is drums. Put the amps behind the drums, not next to them or in front. Or, yeah you could get a PA and give him a monitor.
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          amps behind drums. tell him to play quieter. simplest solution.
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            Thanks everyone for your quick replies. That's what I was thinking.


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              This is an acoustic gig? Easiest thing would be phones or aux speaker from the appropriate guitar amp. Point latter at head of drummer.
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                Yes, it is an acoustic gig. I'm fairly new at this and just purchased a Fishman Loudbox amp. When I plug in the headphones, it mutes the speaker. I wasn't sure where to plug in the headphone or auxillary speaker. I'll give them a call.