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  • Snare drums

    How many snare drums do you own? which is your favorite?
    I own four,A super dry birch PDP,13" Pearl piccolo,Yamaha steel stage custom,and my favorite a 6 1/2 deep brass World Max.
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    Just one, the Supraphonic.
    Pacific FS Birch Drums
    70's Ludwig Supraphonic
    Saluda Cymbals
    Gibraltar Rack
    Yamaha FP9410 Direct Drive Pedal
    PDP 502 Double Pedal
    DW 9002 Double Pedal

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      the same 6 1/2 x 14 Worldmax brass, 5x14 PDP maple in arctic blue, and of course "PigPen" my 1964 Ludwig Supraphonic...
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        The correct number of snare drums one needs is n+1, where n=the number of snare drums you currently own.

        I have two: a Pearl Chad Smith steel and a Rogers Holiday.
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          - sonor danny carey signature 8x14
          - dunnett/james trussart 6.5x14
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            60's Ludwig supraphonic L400. Usually my go-to snare, but I play them all.
            60's Yamaha 6 lug, 5x14. Silver ribbon wrap, matches my C-200 kit.
            70's Slingerland 8 lug chrome festival, 5x14 (my first drum, purchased used in 93')
            70's Ludwig acrolite, 5x14
            PDP SX maple with maple hoops, 5.5x14. Supposedly the same shell DW uses.
            Yamaha stage custom 8x10 that I converted.


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              Same 4.
              Unknown metal - place holder in this list
              Unknown luan - rimshot device
              Tama Steel - rimshot device
              Tama Maple - snare drum
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                I own 7 snares at the moment.

                Ludwig Black Beauty (6.5X14)
                Ludwig Classic Maple (6.5X14)
                Ludwig Legacy (6.5X14)
                Ludwig Supraphonic 400 (5X14)
                Ayotte Custom (5.5X14)
                C&C vintage mahogany (6X14)
                Gretsch USA Custom (6.5X14)

                Recently sold:
                Ludwig Supraphonic (6.5X14)
                DW Maple (6.5X14)

                I will be selling the C&C and Ayotte snare very shortly. They both sound great, they're just not what I am looking for.
                Currently rocking:

                C&C - 3 ply maple/poplar/maple (2012)
                C&C - 3 ply maple/poplar/maple (2011)
                Ludwig Legacy (2012)
                Ludwig downbeat (1968)
                Ludwig Standard (1971)

                Istanbul Agop/Bosphorus Cymbals


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                  Just the two thus far.

                  Yamaha Stage Custom (mahogany/birch)
                  Tama Warlord Masai (bubinga)

                  Would definitely like to get a couple more in the future, like the DW Maple I use to have and, either a brass or bronze.
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                  - Yamaha and
                  - Shure recording gear

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                    2, but I only ever use 1,
                    Pearl Free Floating Brass 6.5x 14

                    I use the other one on my practice set, it's a 30yr old Pearl Export Steel thing.
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                      In order from most to least favorite:

                      1. 6.5 x 14 Pearl Masters Custom maple

                      2. 5.5 x 14 Ludwig Acrolite

                      3. 5.5 x 14 Slingerland C.O.B 10 lug

                      4. 5.5 x 14 Slingerland C.O.B 8 lug

                      5. 5.5 x 14 Mapex birch (it came with my M- Birch set)
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                        In order of use:

                        1) 6 1/2x14 Ludwig hand hammered Black Beauty; used 99% of the time

                        2) 6x14 10-ply Mike J Drums (my best friend's fledgling company) 10-ply Keller shell w/re-rings, tube lugs & diecast hoops, green sparkle wrap, custom build to spec, Serial #001. Also referred to as "The Loudness"

                        3) 70's 5x14 Ludwig Vistalite - blue

                        4) re-issue 6 1/2x14 Ludwig Vistalite - blue

                        5) 5x14 junk generic steel shell I found in an alley in college and hammered back out to round/rebuilt

                        6) 7x13 dDrum Dominion ash in java sparkle

                        7) 6x14 Pearl of some sort which I'm not familiar that I got as part of a trade 7-8 years ago. Don't much like the sound of it, but also haven't spent any time with it. Tension controls on both sides of the snare, but they look/feel cheap, so I'm guessing entry or mid-level quality at best.

                        8) That's it right now; got rid of a couple other vintage drums I'd had last year.
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                          where's Plough with that massive collection he has...
                          The Southpaw is rising again!
                          I finally made it into the Flaming Pedals of Doom. That was the longest and toughest audition I ever had to endure!
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                            Out of all ........

                            1963 Rogers Powertone, 5x14, Sparkling Blue Pearl, three ply.
                            1984 Rogers Dynasonic 6.5x14, XP10, Ten ply all maple, Natural Finish, Ive got three of these and love each differently.
                            1995 Ayotte Custom 7x14, six ply maple with reinforcing rings, Steel hoops, piano black gloss, and it has that fist in your chest kind of hit.
                            Ive got three acrolites, 65, 79, 00, had 4 but sent one off to a young drummer whose snare drum should have been a bed pan.
                            Two supras.

                            31 drums in all. 22 are Rogers, Powertones, Dynasonics, SuperTens.
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                              I own 4. In order of most used to least used.

                              1.) 6.5x14 Ludwig Black Magic (Gets the most use. It does everything I want it to do and more) 9.5/10

                              2.) 5.5x14 Perl Sensitone Elite Custom Alloy (Great snare for recording but doesn't project well live un-miced)

                              3.) 5x14 Ludwig Acrolite (Everyone should have at least one. Good back up snare)

                              4.) 6.5x14 Tama Metalworks 10-Lug (Just picked this one up on the cheap. Haven't run it through it's paces yet but first impressions are pretty good)
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