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  • Drum kit mats......

    I have been on the lookout for a nice mat for my main kit. Ive been waiting to find them on clearance, as I just cant see giving 80 bucks for one. I am going to play my main kit a church these next two weeks so..... I went to home depot and found a nice mat, 5 by 8 for only 20 bucks. It does,nt have a nice design on it, no flowers, ect. Its just one color....black. Then I found a bright yellow marking crayon, set my kit up on it and marked everything for placement. Im hoping this will last a little while, keeping my eyes open for a better one in the future. I am setting up at the church tonight, if time permits I will take a couple of photo's.
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    Go to CL and look for used area rugs.Normally around 50$.
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      I had Home Despot cut me a 12x12 strip of grey out-door all-weather carpet. Works great and it was super cheap.

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        I use a $20 home depot rug/mat like you bougt - has been working great for a year & a half or so & pretty much lives rolled up in the back of my Jeep with the strollers.


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          I use a $20 home depot rug/mat like you bougt - has been working great for a year & a half or so & pretty much lives rolled up in the back of my Jeep with the strollers.

          Ditto on this except I've had mine for 10 years. They're perfect.
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            I use Russian Bearskin rugs with a hairy middle-aged man in a speedo laying in front of the kick.


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              Another for just a cheap rug from Home Depot or the like. It's going to get sweat, beer, and all kinds of junk/ gunk grilled into it in less than a year - why spend serious money on a "custom drum mat?"
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                Majority of venues I play have a drum rug already on stage, but on a rare occasion, I end up somewhere without (private party type gigs, etc.

                Got one of those pre-made jobs with the bass drum anchor built in as a 'just in case' because it was on sale pretty cheap ($40 or so) and it rolls up to barely bigger than the block that's in there as a bass drum anchor anyway; way smaller than any rug/mat I've seen at the HD or the like.
                Thing is about as big as a double-braced stand bottom, and can live in one of my hardware bags without taking up any real space/added weight.
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                  I've used both. . . the prefab, "made for drummers" rugs and the Home Depot $20.00 special. All in all I'm gonna say I dig how the specifically made one folds/rolls up tightly and has a bag for storage, but i do not dig the creases from the folds. I dig the affordability of the Home Depot rugs, but. . .well. . think about havin' a roll of carpet in your ride. . .so.
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                    $16 from Dollar General. I like them small so it rolls up nice with the hardware bag.