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  • OT-Finally Reday for Prime Time-Bikers Vid...

    I sent this out this morning...

    I am proud to announce that "Biker's Unchopped- Motorcycle Safety for the Rest of Us" is finally complete! As you know or may have heard, we had our premiere on September 19th, which was viewed with great anticipation and was a complete success all the way around. But I felt that there was still some changes to be made on my part. After reading the critiques and reviews from the school classes who had screened the video prior to our release, I knew I had to remedy some video quality issues and concerns that were brought to my attention. So from September to November of this year, I, along with my film team, went and reshot more than 14 separate scenes, to try and eliminate any of the poor video quality that we had in the first go-round. All of the low resolution "point of view" video has now been replaced, audio quality has been tweaked once again, and new footage has been entered as well. The premise, structure and dialog has still remained the same, but I think you will see, this is a whole new version all together.

    I wish to personally thank each and every one of you who has been involved with project over the past 4 years. It has truly been a labor of love for me and my crew. If we save just one life by having trained another motorist to become more aware of our two wheeled vehicles on the highway, this video will have done it's job. I know in my heart, we will affect many more than that!

    The link below will show the final rendition that will be replicated and distributed to our schools and other venues. The final distributed render will address some privacy issues (license plates, signs...etc), but for all in tents and purposes, this is the last go-round.

    I will still welcome all comments and suggestions, be it pro or con. And I will be premiering it again to the students who originally made the comments, to see if their issues have been thoroughly addressed. But as they say in the business..."It's in the can!!" Thank you one and all for a job well done!

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