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SPD....11,20,30.....any info???

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  • SPD....11,20,30.....any info???

    Gettin back on track with percussion stuff here. Our new group is just starting to have practices. Years ago I always thought of adding a SPD11 to my kit for some different sounds and expand our sound so to speak. This new group I am practicing with will play top 40 country and classic rock...a good even mix of both it looks like. Im thinking one of these module and pad assemblies could benifit in the 4 piece groups sound. As I remember the 11, was pretty simple and basically sounds only. But what is the difference between the 20 and 30 model series?? Im sure they have better sounds and can loop on some of these???
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    nobody huh???........goat figure...........
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      Are you ONLY looking at Roland, or would you consider the Yamaha DTX-12 & others?

      What exactly do you WANT/NEED to be able to do with a pad controller?
      That's a good starting point.

      As for the difference between the 20 & 30...
      From what I understand, 30 has upgraded/higher quality sounds & better/more effects, increased looping capabilities/functionality, but the main thing is upgraded/updated pads (improved based on the V-drum triggers).

      Based on my own search, I will suggest you're best off getting your hands on one or both (and/or others) for 5 minutes each so you at least get more familiar with what features are there & which are more/less important to you.
      For instance, do you want to be able to play back samples/your own sounds? That's the Roland SPD-S/SX or the Yamaha DTX-Multi.
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        The roland spd 11 was one I looked at years ago. Liked the samples, and size of the unit/number of pads. I am not biased towards roland. I would consider another unit if its equal quality. The most I would do with it would be to loop a sound for a particular song. But I like the idea of expanding the acoustic kit with some bells, chimes, and whatever crazy sound I could fit into a song.
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          Not sure the 11 is still available.

          I looked at the SPD-S and Yamaha Multi-12, because I believed I would want to be able to use my own samples (Which I do, in fact).
          Went with the Yamaha as there are a few (IMO, major) issues with the SPD-S; early adopters recognized them right away and talked about them on forums, Roland replied to acknowledge, but...ultimately looked like a no-fix and plan instead for a new controller...voila, the SPD-SX, which apparently addresses those issues.

          However, as I said, if you're not concerned with being able to load your own sounds, that may be of no consequence.
          For cripe's sake, somebody buy that kid a freaking DICTIONARY already!