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  • learned something new with tuning

    I wanted my toms to be lower in pitch, but I thought it couldn't really happen with my small sizes (10 and 14). However, I sat down to tune them anyways and noticed that the resos were really tight. I loosened them up a little and got the exact sound that I wanted--I didn't even have to mess with the batter!

    It was pretty impressive how little of a change I needed; not even a quarter turn and it was there. Plus, they still sound clean (I don't like the "growl" toms get sometimes), which is what I want.
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    If I remember correctly.....loosen the reso and you get a pitch drop sound with each note. even tuning top and bottom gives steady pitch, and a tighter reso gives a pitch up sound..................Im taking it you like the pitch drop sound. Thats they way I liked mine tuned also.
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      If you can, try to see what note your floor tom is. Just curious. I keep mine around G. Rarely growly, I often use an e-ring on top so only the lows shine through.


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        I like the pitch up sound myself. But I also prefer bigger drums, unless it's jazz.
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          Good find Dan. The nice change about tuning down the reso is that it doesn't change your stick response feel. For the most steady tone (some people think ring) it is important though to have both heads as close as possible in tightness. Tuning your reso lower cna create a slightly downward pitch in tone while a slightly tighter reso will choke the tone (shorten the response).
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            pitch bend.

            Good effect when it's audible. I tune top and bottom in unison. That gives a slight down bend as the top head relaxes after a strike. Also you get that distortion sound from the heads being slightly out of tune.
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